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About Me

I'm starting to finding my way, again, from kind of a weird place. I have done this many times in my life, and each time I seem to pickup new skills to get through it better, faster... I have the technology. I'm old now, well, every time I see my age the number looks old. I am still a kid in a 44 year old body. I'm getting pretty good at getting out of depression and added dissociation to the mix recently. Gotta' catch 'em all and all that. This time I'm hoping to journal this process so others can learn, and hopefully you can speed up your process. Or at least you can laugh at my efforts to do so :)

Most of all I'm creating this empire so I can compare myself to myself, much like comparing your first ever drawing to your latest one (if you're an artist). You never really know how much you've improved until you put them next to each other. Future me is going to find this post extremely amusing no doubt. 'What was I thinking?', I hear my future internal monologue berating current me already. 'Shut up, me! I'm doing my best!', I scream back in the same monotone monologue voice that has been there for every second of my life.

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