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Updated: Mar 28

Sometimes you just have to realise that blogging regularly is not your thing. So, I'm resetting the blog here to focus on things I'm working on.

As it stands, I have a couple of things I'm trying to get going. Some I know are too big for just me, and maybe I'm putting a little too much faith in AI to make up the difference, but it'll hopefully be fun to learn. And if anything, learning how to use AI is crucial to being able to be employed moving forward.

I have one project that I would like to complete before I get into these properly, and that is a D&D NPC creator that I'm creating with a friend in Unity. With ChatGPT it kind of voids the whole idea, but I am trying to make sure that I finish all my projects if I have started. If anything, it will be a good challenge to do so on the grounds that I actually have less reason to do so. I do seem to respond well to the equivalent of 'I bet you can't'.

I could also finish some other loose end projects as well. And could do so as I get the Concept to Creation tutorial fleshed out some more. Will see how it goes.

Project 1

Creating a list of VRM Avatars and 3D assets that can be used by anyone. I'll probably link in my ko-fi link in case anyone wants to support that project. These assets will be able to be used in Metaverse spaces like Mona, Hyperfy, spatial etc. I may also offer some of these assets up on the Unity and Epic store (among others maybe).

The other reason for this is that I need to get my folio updated a bit, so this might help with that as well.

Project 2

Pick up my original Content to Creation tutorial series on game development. Get it up to date with latest aspects like AI, and then put it to the test myself.

Project 3

Use my own Content to Creation tutorial to actually make a game. I have a VR game in mind, and would like to get it to a prototype stage and see if I can get funding with it.

Things of Note

Ryan George is a delight to watch. His Pitch Meetings are generally better than the movies that he pitches. His skits are also pretty much always on point. I love the fact that his humour is so wholesome which I find refreshing in a world where everyone just seems to be taking the piss. Probably rightfully so to be honest, but still, he's a breath of fresh air in comparison.

Sometimes you just find music that hits right. I finally found a genre that seems to be me through and through, and listen to it if I ever need a pick me up. Bouncing between Tech House and G House and trying to find all the good tunes in both.

Of course, there is always the Dub Techno that I have playing in the background when working. And another one that has the cutest damn kitten ever.

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