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Life...uh...finds a way.

So as always its been a while since the last post and of course a lot has happened in that time. The main thing was that I had started working for Mona on Spaces and tutorials and that has been an interesting experience for sure. Seeing people from all walks of life come in and bring their ideas to life has been amazing and being part of helping them be able to do that has been amazing.


Which comes to the title of this post, I had plans for this website, and streaming to a point, basically starting to build the Matt Empire, if you will...but diving headlong into Mona while still working about 28 hours a week at my other job, while also trying to create the tools and spaces that I've had in my mind for years now means that life has gotten in the way of my dreams...even if I thought that life was the way to my dreams. It is very easy to get lost in the day to day and forget there are bigger things at play. Now that I've had an opportunity to recalibrate a bit over the last couple of weeks, I'm hoping to readjust my approach to things a bit in order to find a path I get more from. I don't exactly know how I will do that yet, but at least I'm taking stock and making sure that I do. Main point being, there are always levels to how you are living your life. Make sure that each one is getting the attention it deserves. Its weird coming up for air realising you are, in fact, more lost than you were. Even though maybe, for a time, being that deep in the details is a fantastic distraction from the perception of your reality on a more general level.

Sometimes I feel that the way I word things is just me trying to sound intelligent. Maybe, in 500 years from now, someone will find this post and find it really deep and I can be a quote on the back of a virtual breakfast cereal box. I don't do this on purpose by the way, the words I write on here are basically the same ones in my head for better or worse :) If I write enough, then it will be easier for an AI to create a virtual clone of me, and that will allow me to live on, at least in some way, forever after I'm gone.

<Period of time> In Summary...

Matrix Resurrections

This move was entertaining, and little more. And I think that's the best it could have been. It would never have achieved the level of impact that the first one had, and definitely would never match the expectations. And honestly I enjoyed the sequels for what they were trying to do. Personally I find we, as consumers, are expecting groundbreaking at every turn as we have access to so much that is 'good' when in fact mediocrity is the standard, by numbers anyway. It's just that the numbers are large now. We are getting spoilt with choice and quality. Free games that are better than even the most expensive ones. Convenience at the cost of all else. The factors that govern our society are kind of conditioning us to...well, I'm not even sure anymore. Most movies, with a couple of exceptions, are purely designed to entertain...and personally this movie was entertaining. I liked its in jokes and metaness. I thought it put across a good underlying idea about humanity that didn't feel too forced. I feel some of the fight scenes could have been better (the one with the Exiles in particular), and the montage (you know you heard it :) was a little dragged out, as awesome as the rendition of White Rabbit was... but yeah. Entertaining.

Spiderman - No Way Home

Now this was entertaining and then some. Marvel have done an amazing job over the last few years and basically have created a problem for others by doing so. Even themselves. When you can pull off something like the infinity stones arc, that in a way is one movie made up of many, many movies, culminating in the grand spectacle that was Avengers : Endgame and rarely dropping the ball in the whole do you beat that? It was a 10+ year build up that managed to basically meet expectations, depending on your personal opinion of course, and managed to make the ideas and concepts in that movie...basically on a galactic level of suspension of disbelief...believable. And kudos to the Marvel team and all those responsible for creating it, but in that space, where do you even go with that?

Now, saying that, oddly enough they are managing to up the stakes now that they've added the multiverse. But is there a point where the buy in might break simply because its beyond our ability to comprehend the scale of it? I, personally, am getting fatigued by the constant quality of marvel as much as I don't want to, but as interesting as the multiverse story is...I have to admit I'm not as invested in it. Could be that I'm getting old, or my tastes in entertainment are changing, could be that I'm getting bored of it (a little anyway), but it could be that the scale is just too big, and its hard to relate to that. The stakes are higher, and the art of how they present that is going to be more difficult.

That said, No Way Home did manage to pull it off for the most part. It felt very, very human and that's what Marvel has mostly done really well. But I am finding that every time a very human hero falls three stories, dusts themselves off and gets back into it, then I'm taking an even bigger step out of the universe. The end of No Way home I was very invested in the characters at play, but had little care for the bigger things that were going on in the it will be interesting to see how they go moving forward.

Still, an awesome movie on a long list of awesome movies. Go see it :)

I was watching some classic 90s movies as an exercise in how we've been conditioned by Hollywood over the years. Beverly Hills Cop, Robocop etc. And the things a 'human' can pull off in movies now, be it a superhero or even just a action movie, in comparison to what they were doing then is something to behold. We have been shaped by marketing and modern media to think we are much more super than we really are.

I honestly worry about the generation that have been bombarded with this, at the scale that is out there now, since birth. Nothing is perceptually real anymore, and the expectations of what it is to be human are simply unobtainable, regardless of how much money or effort you put into trying to do so. Now this thought is nothing new of course, and will no doubt be brought up over and over again...but it does frustrate me that it doesn't seem to be getting better, if anything it's getting worse. Companies have to keep pushing their wares to meet those completely imaginary increased sales projections after all. Most people even know this is how it is, but those very people are also creating the media and perfect bodies for cosmetics companies, or rippling muscles for protein shakes. We all know it, but we all do it. Maybe we can try and start doing it less at least.

Crypto and NFTs

Since coming into the crypto/virtual space my views have changed little on these topics, but have been streamlined a bit perhaps. Crypto and NFTs are terrible in their current state. They will be useless as anything actually useful until they stabilise in value, and I feel we are a ways from that.

That said, when they do stabilise, and I'm assuming at least some of them will, either by how they are created and maintained or the users decide to actually agree on something, then they are going to be the next form of economy and virtual ownership in basically all sectors. Or at least they have the potential to be. If and when that happens remains to be seen, but I do get the feeling that they will be sticking around whether we want them to or not, so we might as well try to make them good. Now of course I have no idea how to do that, better people than me are more qualified and smarter than me to do so...but I can certainly hope that it paves the way to a better society in some way at least...but as with all things...its not the technology that's bad, it's how we use it...and so far, its a bit stupid :) We've done stupid for a good while now though, so it's not like this is a surprise really.

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