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Starting again, again...

The amount of times I have come to the same point in my life where I feel like I am starting from scratch again is...not small. I have learned things through experience of doing this over and over and found a fundamental flaw (one of many) in how I have lived much of my life.

I knew what I was doing, but I was never doing what I knew.

Each time I get to this point, I have nothing to prove for the previous ‘cycle’ because as much as I was learning things and improving my skills (slowly), I was not applying any of it in any tangible way, or even finishing anything for that matter. Now that I’m looking back, I could have done this a lot better.

I didn't have nearly as many resources when I was young as to what is available now. I’m ‘older’, if my date of birth is anything to go by anyway, so I have learned things recently that would have been life changing if I had known earlier.

As it stands I'm in a mental, physical and spiritual reset point where the only way to go is up. Until very recently, I didn’t even know which direction up actually was.

I am determined to do things differently this round. And I hope to take you along for the ride so that maybe I can teach others how to do what I didn't, and not do what I did. And to do that, I am going to do this myself, finally. Better late than never and all that :)

The only thing I have is a direction, but when it comes down to it, a direction is all we need.

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