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Doing something is better than nothing...

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

I did very little this week productively, even though I took most of the week off work and had more time than usual. it was a lot of free time. I think I practiced my Welcome to D&D parody of Bo Burnhams Welcome to the Internet one day. Didn't touch any 3D. I may have made one blog post. Even as I'm writing this though I'm wondering why I'm basically writing it like a journal. I actually have a journal I keep. I think in a way it is me trying to keep creating something and at this stage, and that's enough for me. I just keep reminding myself that maybe people can learn from my musings...including myself :)

I was more social than I have been since probably January last year. Spending time with friends, and some good zoom calls with friends. This made me realise that, mentally speaking, being in the presence of other people is a very different vibe than being by myself. I found that I could get out of my own head a lot easier and be in the moment. I probably understood that this is the case, but sometimes you need reminding of the fact. I highly recommend this as an approach if you are finding it difficult to get out of your head. I didn't do it all the time I was with others, occasionally I would have a moment where I was watching me have the conversation with someone else and not be part of it, which is always weird, but I did manage it a lot more...which helps as a reference point for when I am by myself. Add that to my toolkit of trying to be in a better mind space.

My recent Thoughts for the Day post resonates still in that I am quite annoyed that no more than 2 days after I felt on the right side of moving forward I got dragged back to my negative state. Even though I'm mindful of so many things in order to get in a better headspace I am constantly reminded that knowing is different than doing. And there is a significant difference in process between the two. If at first you don't succeed and all that. But still, frustrating.

I watched the first two episodes of Foundation this week, fantastic production quality for a TV show. It really seems to have stepped things up, although other shows have definitely moved the bar such as the Mandalorian. Looking forward to continuing that one. I've never read the book though, so i can't say how good it is up to that.

And then there was this...

...which blew my mind! It's rare for something to bring chills when watching it, but this certainly did. Can. Not. Wait.

Well, time to actually get into something. See if I can get at least an hour of 3D before the week ends.

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