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You think you have it figured out...

And then realise you really, really don't. Add a blog entry once a week I said. Shouldn't be too hard, I said...Ugh, what is reality but a way to tell us how wrong we are :)

As per last post, and probably the one before that, and before that, I have not added as many entries in this here blog as I would have liked. I even got to the point of saying I would do it that week and then got distracted again for months. A LOT has happened since my last post, to the point that any semblance of my life at the time of my last post is now well and truly gone. Some of it good, some of it bad, all of it different.

Which to be honest is mostly the reason it is both good and bad.

So, I'm going to try something as I feel last week was the bottom of a very long and drawn-out fall. I honestly feel like I can aim up again finally, and I actually feel like I understand things a little better in order to keep it that way. I have occasionally felt this way a few times this year for sure. Not as much as I would like, but enough to say that I think the right direction is being walked. I'm just taking the really difficult path to get there.

That thing is that I am not going to completely offload all my thoughts here in this post. I'm going to keep it short with just the basics of why everything is now different. Maybe, just maybe, this will convince me to come back sooner and fill in the details, and the things I've learned, and my plans to take over the start reaching my potential.

I finally quit my English teaching job of 14.5 years to dive headlong into the Metaverse with Mona. I've been working as a contractor with them since last November, ranging from part time to more full time while at the same time teaching 14 hours on top of that. I decided to gamble on potential rather than stability (which was very difficult after designing my entire life around stability crossed with less hours working) and dropped the hours I was still working for the teaching company. It was easier than I expected as the teaching company was cutting a lot of costs due to the pandemic affecting them so much (which is fair enough), but some of those cuts made zero sense as it negatively affected both teachers and customers. So, thanks?

I went to Lisbon and London in October to attend conferences (or more their satellite events). I even gave a talk at the Mona event in Lisbon (shown below) which was a lot of fun! Another part was dipping my toes into the digital nomad life. Lisbon was amazing, London was...educational. It was great to see old and new friends, but AirBnB makes it tricky for the likes of me to get a good desk/chair situation for work at a reasonable rate (especially in London), which is important for someone with chronic back pain. So, as much as I'm not crossing it out completely, I do need to take more consideration when setting up a new home, temporary or otherwise. Either that or just get stupid rich so I can rent out whole houses that have amazing set ups. As noted, gambling on who knows!

And I'll wrap it up there! I want to say a lot more about some of the things I've discussed in short, some of the super useful realisations this week on how the subconscious overrides our conscious, discuss how our society...or more the point our economy...seems to be crumbling for a reset only to probably repeat the whole process again and my thoughts on that, make my observations on web3 and how that seems to be shaping up over the last year, and a bunch of other things but no! I want to get myself into gear. It is now time to step up. But oddly enough I'm going to have to play mind games on myself in order to do lets give that a shot!

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