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Exandria Unlimited (EXU) Animated Short

The Critical Role Exandria Unlimited mini campaign was a lot of fun. I'm using one particular scene to test out a more reasonable scope approach for a solo developer such as myself.

So Far I have created a first pass at the Dariax character model, and currently working on the same for Opal.


Dariax Zavion / Opal Low Poly Character (WIP)


The idea is basically to create characters that are simpler than previous creations such as my version of Caleb Widogast. As I want to create a lot more content (such as a full animated short) I can't realistically create everything at that quality. I have seen a number of games/art that uses this low poly approach, but uses high quality shaders and lighting to have a fantastic end result.


Caleb Widogast High Poly Character


By using this technique, along with some quality assets from Synty using the Unreal/Unity engine to save on modeling time, I should be able to create an animated short of reasonable quality by myself in a much shorter period of time.

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